• AMBER RAVENBANE Instructor

    Amber Ravenbane has been working and performing with fire since 2010. She is an advanced fire eater and fire breather and spins a range of other fire props. She is also a registered nurse and incorporates teaching health risks into her classes.

  • DJ – “THE CANE MAN” Instructor

    DJ – The Cane Man is a member of Ravebane’s FireCraft based out of Albany NY and has been spinning for many years.

  • GAUL RAVENBANE Instructor

    Gaul Ravenbane – aka Brian Goll has been spinning and breathing fire for ~5 years now. He joined Ravenbane’s FireCraft in 2013 and has been performing ever since.

  • GINGER-SNAPS Instructor

    Alicia Codie – aka Ginger-Snaps will be joining us at NEFA again this year teaching hoop & the amazing RETRACTABLE LEVI WAND!

  • HEATHER O’BRIEN Instructor

    Heather O’Brien is a personal trainer from just outside Philadelphia who is addicted to being upside down.

  • JOEL MELENDEZ Instructor

    Joel Melendez is a co-founder of the touring duo Matica Arts.  He has traveled the Americas performing, collaborating and training. He is a gifted performer known for his unicycling, clowning, improvisation, and acrobatic skills.

  • KATASTROPHI Instructor

    Katastrophi aka Katie Morrisey is a skilled choreographer and fire performer with six years’ experience in multiple styles of prop manipulation.

  • KAT SUWALSKI Instructor

    Kat Suwalski is a FXP Fitness Master Trainer, Yoga Instructor, former Hoopnotica Master Trainer, Russian Kettle Bell instructor and a personal trainer.

  • KOLBE ROSE Instructor

    Kolbe Rose is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and has been a practicing Yogini for over a decade. Kripalu Yoga is a meditative and breath based yoga, the goal being to connect the body, mind and spirit.

  • MARK RAVENBANE Instructor

    Mark Ravenbane picked up his first prop about 7 years ago one night when work was slow and soon after started spinning fire.

  • NICK WONDO Instructor

    Nick Wondo has been spinning and manipulation a variety of objects for the past 7 years and teaching for 4, specializing in contact and atomic techniques. He enjoys picking up new and exciting props which have rarely been explored such as triple staff, four poi, and puppyhammer.

  • SARA SEPTEMBER Instructor

    Sara September has been belly dancing for over 10 years and performs professionally with her troupe Haus of Paradigm in Bangor, Maine.

  • SHANE RAVENBANE Instructor

    Shane Ravenbane has been manipulating and performing with fire for over 7 years. He is the owner of Ravenbane’s FireCraft and General Manager of Northeast Fire & Arts Festival.

  • SOLAR FLARE Instructor
    Solare Flare – aka Henry Winney has been flowing for 7 years and has been teaching and helping other learn flow arts for most of his time spinning.
  • STERLING BISHOP Instructor

    Sterling Bishop is a fire performer and movement artist from the Greater Boston Area. He specializes in Rope Dart, Sword, dragon staff and poi.

  • TEE MERGS Instructor

    Tee is a creative and passionate performer and teacher looking to share her skills with people who share a similar passion for movement and prop manipulation.


    Tiffany Elizabeth is a local Connecticut spinner who’s been practicing flow arts for 6 years. She focuses on poi, contact staff, and rope dart.

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